D.A.Y.I.N explores ways of presenting and publishing sound and performance, including but not limited to conventional forms, live performance, radio programs, audio-book, alternative publications achieved through internet-based technology such as interactive web applications. DAYIN### tailors conceptual releases. D.A.Y.I.N.fm is a feminist radio program available to Chinese-speaking audience.

Founded in 2012 by Xuan Ye (APA), da-yin.org began as a showcase, gradually developing into her collaborations with various artists as a DJ, composer, performer, designer, developer and curator.


curatorial show series

Initiated by APA(Xuan Ye) and Jesse Perlstein, Da-Yin is a music/performance showcase that is centered and based in Brooklyn, NY. The artists featured each month are at the forefront of sonic manipulation and avant-garde rendering. Da-Yin attempts to revive cultural and interdisciplinary collaborations to cultivate the diverse experimental nerve that continues to thrive in and all around us.

Poster Art – 1 & 3: Jesse Perlstein; 2: APA



Featured Artist Rui Lin – Site-specific Fabric Installation


Shenzhen is Alex Cummings and Nick Scavo. They are the co-founders, organizers and curators for Asheville North Carolina’s experimental art space Apothecary. They seek to create tension by breaking down the narrative lyric and subjecting it to future-shock. Infusing antagonism, theories of alienation, religious technologies, competitive advantage and hidden primitivism into the art process is essential. Ominous and aggressive sonic zones are coupled with human song-craft to provide awareness of the individual’s historical placement in “the bad”.


NUD is Thermos Unigarde and Camilla Ha. Unigarde is a female drummer/ sound explorer and creator of The LOXM/ Ladies of Experimental Music Series: a yearly festival, and international consortium of experimental music enthusiasts. Camilla Ha (Malingering Uvula, Magic is Küntmaster) is a multimedia artist and experimental vocalist whose voice has been described as “Hopi burial ground meets black metal priestess.” She is also an occasional curator for new arts space, Knockdown Center.

Wei Zhongle

Wei Zhongle are a five-piece group currently located in Carbondale Illinois.

Carbondale Nightlife – “Wei Zhongle’s music derives from eastern and world-music sounds and concepts, including the Gamelan styles of Indonesia as well as African and Chinese orchestral music, all fused with expressive lyrics filled with nonlinear thoughts. The results are made unique by the individuality, personality, and truly creative talents of all of the players in the group.”

Words on Sounds – “The music almost requires a new genre category to describe. It will inspire many folks to simply dance around, while also satisfying those who crave rich, complex music and careful, intelligent composition.”

Dingus – “The dissonant whirlwind that is Wei Zhongle feels like a tribal chore conjuring images of cyclical ceremonies from ancient cultures in a contemporary fashion. In entirety, the album feels inspired, full of joy for life in its most critical stages.”


Brooklyn electronic duo Trabajo is Yuchen Lin & TJ Richards. Their sound explores traditional and popular regional music from across the globe, refracting each style thru an experimental framework of samples, loops, and avant noise-scapes. From lush ambient drones to bursts of high energy post punk, Trabajo is a constant diversity of sonic investigation and stylistic celebration.

TIME OUT NEW YORK (Critics’ Pick) – “Be sure to pay close attention to Trabajo, a fascinating duo whose new album, Gamelan to the Love God, wrings blissed-out grooves from Indonesian gamelan samples.”

TINY MIX TAPES “ – With the ghost of post-punk lurking underneath the floors, NY duo TJ Richards and Yuchen Lin make focused tumult of shifting styles and segments with drums, blown-out electronics, and plenty of samplers… [with] the equivalent energy of an entire marching band (you can actually hear it), Trabajo make all their work seem like a lot of fun.”



Snap-Drag Drum Duo (VT/NY)

Snap-Drag drum duo is a collaborative project between professional percussionists Jessie Nelson and Jane Boxall. In 2012, the pair began exploring, composing and arranging new music for two drumkits. Snap-Drag’s repertoire ranges from ‘The Black Page’ by Frank Zappa to original compositions by Nelson and Boxall, ‘Seventh Heaven’ by Gary Chaffee and the Bjork song ‘Mutual Core’. Snap-Drag drum duo is dedicated to presenting fresh and adventurous music that redefines and stretches the possibilities of drums and percussion.

Turnip King (Sea Cliff/NY)

Born in the basement fleshed out on stages all over the North Eastern United States, these 5 songs ooze the kind of raw emotion an Outer-borough existence might yield. Mixing ‘Helium’ esq pop melody with basement tape collage and ethereal loop laden builds each track plays off the next, combining to make some of the most exciting genre mixing we’ve heard in awhile.

Tom Blacklung & the Smokestacks (Brooklyn/NY)

Dirty tasty Brooklyn Rock and Roll

G.T. Arpe (South Korea)

G.T. Arpe is an avant rock solo performer based in South Korea known to play multiple instruments, sometimes at once. He also messes with realist and surrealist, super short performance art pieces. He has recently toured Taiwan, Japan and China.

Man Tease (Brooklyn/NY)

Improvisation group by Max Jaffe (Drum) + Chris Pitsiokos (Sax/Electronics) On the Town with Mikey Deeave Scanlon (Guitar) + Joe Merolla (Cello)



Da-Yin.org presents an original event that combines filmmakers and experimental musicians in order to discover how film affects sound and how sound can affect film. 6 original scores will be written and performed for 6 films.

Brent Chesanek Brethren Arise scored by Julia Kent

Chiara Ambrosio Charon & Whale scored by Sontag Shogun

Erin Espelie Silent Springs scored by Jessica Pavone

Patrick X. Liu Meatloaf scored by Liam Singer

Ivy Yu Never To Be scored by Slayer Kitty

Erin Espelie Beyond Expression Bright scored by Chris Zabriskie